“Living inside 'mass of wood'” Awarded GOOD DESIGN BEST100
“HEISEI Co., Setagaya Branch Office” Awarded GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015

HEISEI Corporation was awarded GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 and GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015.

"Living inside 'mass of wood'" is a house utilizing timbers thinned from Japanese cedar forest. Timbers would otherwise be thrown away if they weren’t compiled into a board using our technology and used to build walls, floor, and ceiling for this architecture.

"HEISEI Co., Setagaya Branch Office" is a masterpiece combining skills of our in-house artisans and designers. This architecture further explores the potential of RC constructions and proposes new style of urban office building.

HEISEI Corporation was founded in 1989 by the current president with a vision to combine new construction technologies with the art and techniques of the meisters. Nearly half the number of total employee (560) is carpenters and construction meisters with degree on architecture, which is a very rare portfolio in Japan. We provide high quality residential housing, office buildings, clinics, and rental apartments to retail clients. (more detail)

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