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Traditional Japanese Architecture ― Hand Made

Hisao AKIMOTO/Founder and President of Heisei Corporation

Founder and President of Heisei Corporation

When I started the company in 1989, the Japanese economy was booming and the construction industry was experiencing severe shortage of construction workers especially carpenters. Despite the shortage, young Japanese people did not want to take the job, because the job was too tough and the wages were not as high as other “easy” jobs.

It was then clear to me that there would be much more severe shortage of such craftsman in the near future, because of aging population and lack of demand to take the job.

From the start up stage of my company, I organized in-house carpenters and treated their salaries as the same level as our designers, and construction managers. Eventually, I started to hire carpenters with degree on architecture.

What persuaded them to join the company was my passion to train them to become the top carpenter, or “Toryo” who not only build houses, but also design, manage, and sell architectures to clients all by themselves.

These highly motivated and skillful craftsmen have gained strong support from our clients.
My passion now is to provide “Sukiya”, a traditional Japanese architecture for executives in the global market, and our carpenters are ready.


To inspire the art and comfort of Japanese architecture in the U.S luxury housing market.


To entertain our customers and employees with tailor-made Japanese architecture.

Company profile

Name HEISEI Corporation
Headoffice 1540-1 O'oka, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
Contact tel : +81-559-1000
e-mail : [javascript protected email address]
Established February 8, 1989
Capital 90 million yen
President Hisao AKIMOTO
Number of employees 572 (Male 462, Female 110) *Group total as of April, 2017
Description of business Custom made houses, Rental Housing, Commercial Facilities, Remodeling
Stock listing None

Transition of Sales
Number of employees

2013 2014 2015 2016
Net sales
(million USD)
$140 $160 $150 $150
Operating income
(million USD)
$4 $6 $4 $3
Number of employees 519 545 560 572
- Fiscal years ended Octorber 31.
- Consolidated.

Alliance Network

The West Wing Corporation was established in 1997 in California, USA. Headquartered in the city of Newport Beach, West Wing Corporation is a comprehensive construction, real estate development, and North America development consulting company.

West Wing Corporation has a long years of experience in real estate development in North America, supporting various companies expanding out of Japan throughout the whole of America.

West Wing Corporation is supporting to offer our expertise in Japanese carpentry to the overseas market by providing residences with value withstanding the passage of time, a vision that is encapsulated in our motto, “Time-Transcending Work.


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Imperial Style

The building is marbled with pieces of antiques collected by the client. The antique lamps, furniture and woods are fabricated as a tapestry.

Hand made architecture to suit your taste

Various kinds of precious woods and bamboos are carved and woven into the architecture.

Japanese cedar room

Japanese cedar is amply used to provide inhabitant with an illusion of living inside wood.

The room of ancient Japanese zelkova

Ancient Japanese zelkova is blended with modern architecture, and hi-lighted by the painted white wall.

Marriage of lacquer and architecture

The luxury of lacquer is fabricated in the architecture for daily use, presenting a potential of a new market for residential houses.